How to solve problems connected with leaf movement in sliding gates positioned on a slope.

When choosing which automation model to use for a motorised sliding gate, certain elements need to be considered that can affect the correct operation of the system. These elements are: the ...


New LM system

The cooperation between the companies of our Group has always made possible the development of projects able to satisfy the needs of different kinds of users. With regard to the integration ...


The array of Hi-Motions accessories for cantilever gates: a wide, complete range and attention to professionals.

The HI-MOTIONS solutions are designed for professionals, and it is to them that the company offers its services. The tools made available to our customers comprise: video tutorials - essenti...


Fencetech 2020

From the 3rd to the 6th of March


Cantilevered security sliding gate

The anti-crash gate NOWAY guarantee a high sense of protection, representing the ideal solution on any of those situations where a high level of security is a must. Places of interests could...


R+T 2018

The international trade fair R+T 2018 ended on 4 March of this year Via dell'industria, 91 - 36030 Sarcedo (VI) Italy +39 0445 367536